Does Garcinia Cambodgia really work ??

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Garcinia Cambogia HCA

This name is well known in all over the world because of the numerous therapeutic benefits that it offers. Its health benefits are not only restricted to weight loss, but this is also used for large number of other medical problems, including depression, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety and many others.

This plant genus is known to the 300-different species present in it, but the Garcinia Cambogia has gained attention because of the large number of therapeutic properties. The common names of this plant are brindle berry and Malabar tamarind. Its fruit resembles the small pumpkin and is light green or yellow in color. This plant is native to India, Southeast Asia and central Africa. Its fruit is cultivated in Asia for the culinary purposes and it has lots of Ayurvedic medicine uses.

Here are some of the beneficial uses of the Garnicia Cambogia because of which it is widely used in the medicines. Have a look at the benefits!

  1. Eliminates the stress:

The major active ingredient within the Garnicia Cambogia is called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that is majorly used for the health enthusiasts and weight loss. This compound is linked to the regulation of the cortisol levels within the blood that is known as the major stress hormone. If the stress hormone is reduced and it is in control, then the level of anxiety is significantly reduced. It also improves the entire health of the system and reduces the oxidative stress within the body.

  1. Reduction in weight:

This is the major thing that has led to the attention in the international platforms because of the ability of this compound for reduction in weight. It is actually considered as the magic for the obesity reduction because it has lots of ways for reducing the fat. First of all, this HCA can reduce the calorie storage in the form of fat. Few enzymes within the body reduce our metabolism and that is why, our body gets completely lazy and the fats are stored, whereas, this HCA reduces the enzymes that are responsible for this reduction in metabolism. It also helps in the buildup of stamina and eliminates the fatigue.



  1. Reduces Depression:

The presence of organic compounds within the Garnicia Cambogia helps in the fight for depression. These compounds are known as the pleasure or satisfaction hormones that release the serotonin within the body. This extract of herb reduces the weight, increases the mood and motivation and helps in the achievement of life goals. By balancing the neurotransmitters within the body, it contributes to the long-term fight with the depression

  1. Reduces cholesterol:

The other major benefit offered by Garnicia Cambogia is that it reduces the cholesterol level within the body by a simple reduction in the weight. Most of the people have no idea that our body has good fat (HDL) and bad fat (LDL). These fats are balanced by the HCA present within this herb that leads to the reduction of the heart attacks, atherosclerosis and stroke. It also helps in the reduction in the blood pressure.

  1. Regulates the sugar level:

One other effect of Garnicia in regulating the metabolism is the reduction in the blood sugar. People that are suffering from Diabetes usually switch to the Garnicia for its excellent sugar controlling effects that is why, no peaks or drops within the sugar levels are obtained when it comes to Garnicia.

  1. Increases the metabolism:

As it has been mentioned that Garnicia is involved in the boost up of the metabolism. It is because of the calorie burning and cholesterol lowering effects of that increases the speed of the body. If you also want to increase your metabolism and your body weight will be reduced too, then simply add the Garnicia in your daily diet and your metabolism will increase significantly.

  1. Enhances the energy:

When you have started the reduction in your weight then it is one of the major change within your body. Most of the people feel fatigue or anxiety when they reduce some pounds. This is not the case with Garnicia! It not only reduces the weight but increase the metabolism and provides you the energy. When you are eating calories, they are not stored in the form of fats but rather they are converted into glucose and this is how you will get extra energy.

  1. Appetite suppressant:

One other way for reducing the weight is that it helps in the suppression of the appetite and it trains the body in such a way that it only allows the eating at specific time. This is how you will be able to maintain your body weight.

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